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Butterfly Rhino Plus Wet Grinder Review: Worth Buying?

The Butterfly Rhino Plus Wet Grinder is a kitchen appliance widely used in South Indian kitchens. It is mainly designed for grinding and uniform mixing of various food ingredients.

It comes with one drum, roller stone, and lid. Also, it is made of ‎ABS Plastic Body, including a 2-liter jar for wet grinding for making chutneys or sauces. Additionally, the machine has razor-sharp blades that grind and mix food ingredients uniformly, ensuring consistency in texture and flavor.

Purpose of the Review

The Butterfly Rhino Plus Grinder Review aims to provide insight into the product’s overview, performance, Extended use, cleaning, price, and overall value to help viewers decide whether or not the Rhino Plus grinder is worth purchasing.

By reading this blog, you will be able to determine if the Butterfly Rhino Plus Wet Grinder is the right kitchen appliance for your batter and Dough needs and budget.

Product Overview

Butterfly Rhino Plus Wet Grinder(2L)

Best Performing

  • Color: Grey/Black
  • Weight: 12700 Grams- 13000 Grams
  • Wattage: 150 Watts
  • Capacity: 2 liters
  • Voltage: 220 Volts 

The Butterfly Rhino Plus Wet Grinder has a powerful 150 -watt motor that can handle heavy-duty grinding tasks. The motor operates at a voltage of 220 volts and has a frequency of 50 Hz.

Compare butterfly rhino and rhino plus

Compare butterfly rhino and rhino plus

Here’s a comparison of the Butterfly Rhino and Rhino Plus:

  1. Capacity: The Butterfly Rhino Plus has a higher capacity of 2 liters compared to the Butterfly Rhino, which has a capacity of 1.5 liters – 2 litres.
  2. Motor Power: The Butterfly Rhino Plus comes with a more powerful 150-watt motor compared to the Butterfly Rhino’s 125-watt motor. This makes the Rhino Plus more efficient at grinding tougher ingredients.
  3. Design: Both models have an atmost similar design, with a cylindrical-shaped body made of ABS high quality plastic. However, the Rhino Plus gives you a premium look due to its colour
  4. Grinding Stones: The Rhino Plus comes with two conical-shaped black grinding stones whereas the Rhino has two cylindrical-shaped grinding stones.
  5. Price: The Rhino Plus is priced slightly higher than the Rhino due its sleek design and powerful motor


The Butterfly Rhino Plus Wet Grinder is designed to deliver reliable and efficient performance, making it an excellent choice for grinding and mixing various food ingredients. Here are some of the performance features of this wet grinder:

  1. Powerful Motor: The wet grinder comes with a 150-watt motor that delivers powerful performance, making it ideal for heavy-duty grinding tasks. The motor operates at a voltage of 220 volts and has a frequency of 50 Hz.
  2. Three-Speed Settings: The Butterfly Rhino Plus Wet Grinder comes with three-speed settings that allow the users to adjust according to the material they grind. This feature will ensure the flavors of the food remain intact.
  3. Uniform Grinding: The grinder features razor-sharp blades that are designed to grind and mix ingredients uniformly. This ensures that the texture and flavor of the food are consistent, regardless of the type of ingredients being used.
  4. Overload Protection: The grinder has an overload protection mechanism that automatically shuts off the motor if it becomes overheated. This feature ensures the safety and prevents damage to the appliance.
  5. Large Capacity: The Butterfly Rhino Plus Wet Grinder comes with a large 2-liter jar, making it ideal for grinding large quantities of food ingredients. The jar is made of high-grade stainless steel and polycarbonate material, which makes it durable and resistant to corrosion.
  6. Energy-efficient: The motor of the wet grinder is energy-efficient, which helps users save on electricity bills.

Overall, the Butterfly Rhino Plus Wet Grinder delivers impeccable performance and is designed to handle a variety of grinding tasks. With its powerful motor, razor-sharp blades, and user-friendly design, this wet grinder can make food preparation much easier and more efficient.


Build quality of the grinder

It is made of high-grade plastic and stainless steel, which provides durability and longevity. The grinder has a capacity of 2 liters and comes with two grinding stones that are made of durable materials, ensuring a long-lasting performance.

Extended use

The build quality of the grinder is good, and it is designed to withstand extended use. Users have reported that even after using the grinder regularly for several years, it has not shown any significant wear and tear.


The manufacturer offers a warranty of 2 years on the product, covering any defects in material or workmanship. The warranty covers the motor and the grinder, but it does not cover any damages caused by mishandling or misuse of the product.

Cleaning and Maintenance

Steps to clean the Wet Grinder

  1. Unplug the grinder from the power source before cleaning.
  2. Remove the drum and wash it with warm soapy water.
  3. Clean the grinding stones using a soft brush or cloth. Avoid using harsh detergents or abrasive cleaners that can damage the stones.
  4. Wipe the exterior of the grinder with a damp cloth to remove any dirt or residue.
  5. Allow all the parts to dry completely before assembling the grinder.


  1. Always ensure that the drum and grinding stones are dry before using the grinder.
  2. Do not overload the grinder beyond the recommended capacity, as it can cause strain on the motor.
  3. Use only the recommended amount of water while grinding.
  4. Avoid using the grinder continuously for long periods; take breaks to avoid overheating.
  5. Keep the grinder in a cool and dry place when not in use.

Price and Value

It is priced in the mid-range category compared to other similar wet grinders on the market. It is not the cheapest nor the most expensive, but it is priced competitively for its features and performance.

In terms of value, the Butterfly Rhino Plus Wet Grinder offers several features that make it a worthwhile investment for those who regularly use wet grinders.

It has a 2-liter capacity, which is sufficient for a family of 4-5 people. It also comes with two grinding stones that are made of high-quality materials, providing a smooth and efficient grinding experience.

The grinder has a powerful motor that can grind tough ingredients like turmeric and lentils without any hassle. It also has a convenient overload protection feature that automatically shuts off the motor when overloaded, preventing damage to the appliance.

Value-added feature

Another value-added feature of the Butterfly Rhino Plus Wet Grinder is its easy-to-clean design, which saves time and effort in maintaining the grinder’s cleanliness.


In summary, the Butterfly Rhino Plus Wet Grinder is a durable and efficient appliance for wet grinding in Indian kitchens. It is made of high-grade plastic and stainless steel, ensuring longevity and reliability.

Based on our analysis, we recommend the Butterfly Rhino Plus Wet Grinder to readers who are considering purchasing a wet grinder for daily use in their kitchen.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is wet grinder

Wet grinders are specifically designed for wet grinding and have unique features that make them ideal for this purpose.

It consist of a drum that is made of stainless steel that can be powered by an electric motor. The main drum is filled with the ingredients that need to be grounded, along with water, and the roller stones crush and grind the ingredients into a smooth batter

Which is the best wet grinder in india

Elgi Ultra Dura+ Wet Grinder – Top rated with sleek design
Butterfly Rhino Plus Wet Grinder – Budget friendly and ideal for small family
Panasonic MK-GW200 Super Wet Grinder – Powerful with high performance
Premier Wonder Table Top Wet Grinder -Compact and easy to use
Sowrna Lakshmi Wet Grinder – Heavy duty use.

Which watt wet grinder is best?

The best wattage for a wet grinder depends on your specific needs and requirements. For home use, a wet grinder with a wattage between 150W to 300W is generally sufficient.

However, if you plan to use it for commercial purposes or have a large family, a wet grinder with a higher wattage, such as 750W or more, may be more suitable.

Butterfly rhino plus wet grinder spare parts

Butterfly Rhino Plus Wet Grinder spare parts can be found through various authorized service centers and dealerships. Some common spare parts for the Butterfly Rhino Plus Wet Grinder include the grinding stones, the stainless steel drum, the motor, and the power cord.

If you need to replace any parts of your Butterfly Rhino Plus Wet Grinder, we recommend contacting the manufacturer’s customer service department or visiting an authorized service center or dealership.

How do I claim warranty on my butterfly wet grinder

Contact Butterfly’s customer service department through their website, email, or phone number, which should be provided in the warranty information.

Explain the issue you are facing with your wet grinder and provide the necessary details such as your name, contact information, and the model and serial number of the product.

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