Best Wet Grinders in India

5 Best Wet Grinders in India 2023: Your Ultimate Guide

In the world of new and unique kitchen appliances, wet grinders have taken a special place in reducing tiring work. They are the unsung diamonds of this culinary world, to make perfect and spongy idly, vada, kozhukattai, and different types of dosa batter. 

Whether you accept it or deny it, Wet Grinder is an essential kitchen utility tool. With so many options flooding the market, choosing the right one can save time. With so many tabletop and tilting wet grinders available in the market, choosing the right one can be overwhelming.

Fear not!!! This article provides you with detailed information on “Top 5 Wet Grinders in India 2023” with pros and cons to elevate your cooking game.

Introduction to Wet Grinders

What is a Wet Grinder?

A Wet Grinder is an appliance mainly used for grinding soaked rice and lentils into a coarse or smooth paste. This process is done by a motor-driven drum with two or three grinding stones that can rotate in opposite directions. Currently, all the grinders also have the option to knead and scrap coconuts.

The Benefits of Having a Wet Grinder

In this fast-paced world, traditional methods of making batter consume time and are very tiring. Below are the benefits of using a well-equipped wet grinder.

  • Efficiency: Effort-saving and perfect consistent batter from the hard lentils and soaked grains.
  • Authenticity: Perfect taste and texture to prepare South Indian Tiffin Items.
  • Time-saving: Quick grinding within a few minutes.
  • User-Friendly Features: Simple instructions to follow and easy to clean 
  • Perfection: No uneven texture results with each grain ground to perfect paste or batter.

How to use a Wet Grinder?

Preparing the Grinder

Before you start grinding, it is essential to have a look at the below steps.

  1. Clean the drum and grinding stone without any dust particles.
  2. Place the Drum on the base and fit the grinding stones.
  3. Add the required quantity of ingredients to the drum.
  4. Never overload it.
  5. Add some water and close the lid to avoid spillage.

Grinding Process

  1. Switch on the Grinder and check whether the stones are rotating properly.
  2. Add some water, if it is getting struck.
  3. Check often on the consistency of the batter 
  4. Stop it when the batter is without any lumps.

Cleaning Process

  1. Switch off the Grinder and empty the batter into the container.
  2. Wash the drum and stone without using harsh scrubs.
  3. Let the components dry and the lid can be placed to cover up.

Factors to Consider while Purchasing

  • Tabletop/Tilting   Tabletops are best for nuclear setup families and the tilting wet grinders can be used to avoid messy hands and for commercial purposes.
  • Capacity   The range starts from 1.25ltr to 3 ltrs capacity on the usage and purpose.
  • Size The size should be the key factor in selecting the product as it should be accompanied properly in the given kitchen space.
  • Noise Level   This factor should be considered when there are babies at home.
  • Warranty     Always select a reputed brand and check whether your warranty covers motor issues.

Our Top 5 Picks

 Elgi Ultra Grind with TableTop

Elgi Ultra Grind+ Gold Table Top Wet Grinder, 2L (White/ Purple)

– Conical stones for better grinding

  • 2 litre capacity
  • 150 watts motor power 
  • Table Top Design 
  • Conical Stones which is different from other brands.
  1. 2-Liter Capacity: This wet grinder comes with a 2-liter stainless steel drum, perfect for grinding larger quantities of ingredients at once.
  2. 150-Watt Motor: It is equipped with a powerful 150-watt motor that ensures consistent and efficient grinding of various food items.
  3. Conical Stones: The conical grinding stones are designed to reduce wear and tear, ensuring longevity and better performance.
  4. Patented Conical Grinding Stones: Elgi Ultra’s patented conical grinding stones generate less heat while grinding, preserving the nutritional value of your ingredients.
  5. Multi-Utility Drum: The multi-utility drum allows you to store batter in the same drum after grinding, saving you time and effort.
  6. Coconut Scraper and Atta Kneader: This grinder includes additional attachments for scraping coconut and kneading dough, adding versatility to your kitchen.
  7. Noiseless Operation: The low-noise design ensures that you can use the grinder without causing any disturbance.


  • Efficient Conical Grinding Stones
  • Large Capacity to handle batter.


  • Comparatively Higher Price compared to its Peers.

Butterfly Rhino Cherry Table Top

Butterfly Rhino Plus Wet Grinder, 2L

– Perfect for nuclear family

  • Cylindrical Stones for consistent grinding
  • Tabletop model
  • 150 watts power
  • ABS plastic body model
  1. Efficient Grinding: The 150-watt motor is powerful enough to handle various grinding tasks, from making smooth batters for dosas and idlis to grinding spices and chutneys.
  2. Large Capacity: The 2-liter stainless steel drum can accommodate a substantial amount of ingredients, reducing the need for multiple grinding rounds.
  3. Easy to Use: The tabletop design makes it convenient to operate and clean. It’s a user-friendly appliance, even for beginners in the kitchen.
  4. Space-Saving: The compact design saves counter space and is easy to store when not in use.
  5. Elegant Design: The Cherry Red color and sleek appearance add a touch of elegance to your kitchen decor.


  • Compact
  • Affordable Pricing
  • Easy to place on kitchen space.


  • Durability is less compared to other models.

Premier Plastic Compact Wet Grinder

Premier Plastic Compact Wet Grinder 

– Consistent Grinding

  • Compact and Light Weight Design
  • 110 Watts Motor Power
  • Stainless Steel Drum
  • 2 Litre Capacity
  1. Large Capacity: The 2-liter stainless steel drum is perfect for preparing large quantities of batter or paste, making it suitable for families and gatherings.
  2. Powerful Motor: The 230V motor ensures efficient and quick grinding, whether you’re working with rice, lentils, or other ingredients.
  3. Compact Design: The compact design of this wet grinder makes it easy to store and saves counter space in your kitchen.
  4. Stainless Steel Drum: The high-quality stainless steel drum is both durable and easy to clean, ensuring a long-lasting product.
  5. Efficient Grinding Stones: The grinder features durable grinding stones that are capable of producing fine and consistent results


  • The drum is durable because of the stainless steel material
  • Kitchen space-saving product


  • Motor power is low compared to other models.

Panasonic MK- SW200PLW White

Panasonic MK-GW200 240W Wet Grinder

– Best Grinding Motor

  • 240-watt motor power
  • Alpha flow technology for efficient grinding
  • Table Top
  • Dual Grinding Stones.
  1. Powerful Motor: The 240W motor ensures efficient grinding, making it suitable for a variety of wet grinding tasks, from idli batter to dosa dough.
  2. Stainless Steel Drum: The durable stainless steel drum is not only rust-resistant but also easy to clean, ensuring the longevity of the appliance.
  3. Safety Lock System: The safety lock feature ensures that the unit operates only when the jar is properly secured, enhancing user safety.
  4. 3 Speed Settings: It offers three different speed settings, allowing you to choose the consistency you desire for your ingredients.
  5. Compact Design: The compact and sleek design makes it easy to store in your kitchen without taking up too much space.


  • Smooth and Fast Grinding
  • Very Powerful Motor


  • Cost is High

Bajaj WX 3 150-Watt Wet Grinder without Arm (Maroon)

Bajaj WX 3 150-Watt Wet Grinder without Arm

– Best Speed Settings

  • 2 Litre Capacity
  • 150 Watts Power
  • 2 Conical stones for efficient grinding
  • ABS plastic covered.
  1. Powerful Motor: This wet grinder is equipped with a 150-Watt motor that ensures efficient grinding of various ingredients.
  2. Capacity: The stainless steel drum has a 2-liter capacity, making it suitable for both small and large families.
  3. Uniform Grinding: The conical stones in the grinder ensure consistent and fine grinding, whether it’s rice, lentils, or other ingredients.
  4. Speed Settings: The Bajaj WX 3 offers two-speed settings, allowing you to choose the ideal speed for your specific grinding needs.
  5. Compact Design: Its compact and sleek design makes it easy to store in your kitchen and save space.


  • Affordable
  • Space saving for compact kitchen 


  • Less Powerful compared to other models


To Conclude, this article provides a comprehensive guide to help you in buying a suitable wet grinder for your kitchen space. Also, it highlights the Top 5 picks with the corresponding features, pros and cons.

Happy Grinding and Cooking.

How to ensure the longevity of the wet grinders?

 It is very important to follow the guidelines mentioned for maintenance and cleaning. This ensures the long working of the product.

Which is the best way to buy a wet grinder?

Many options are available online. If you are checking out for offers, then buy it during deal days.

Are there any safety tips for using Wet Grinders

Always check out the Ingredients quantity and overload should be avoided. The plug shouldn’t be touched with wet hands. 

Can I grind other ingredients like ginger and garlic?

Wet Grinders are designed for grinding lentils and rice varieties. It is better to use mixer grinders to grind spice powders, ginger garlic paste, and chutney varieties.

What capacity is suitable for a small family?

The capacity of around 1.25 ltrs to 2 ltrs is suitable for a family of four people.

Name the best Indian Wet Grinder for commercial purposes.

Lakshmi Wet Grinders from Coimbatore tops the list with different capacity drums and grinding motors supplying all over India. They are mainly used in restaurants to make Idlies, Vada, and Dosa for huge crowds.

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